Company Profile

Arno Ortmair CEO Eclypse Filmpartner Vorstand Verband Deutscher Filmproduzenten e.V. (VDFP)

Company Profile

Eclypse Film Partners is located in Vienna, with partner firms in Munich and Berlin, and an acquistions office in Los Angeles.


Eclypse stands for top-notch theatrical films and made-for-television event-movies for international distribution. CEO and producer Arno Ortmair has an excellent track record and considerable experience in developing, financing, and producing high-value product. Along with its reputation as a leading producer, Eclypse has also earned laurels internationally as a dependable co-producer, service provider and financing expert for shoots in Austria and Germany, as well as the rest of Europe, the UK, and the US.

Eclypse was founded in 1995 as a production service company for British and American projects (“James Bond”, “The Train”, “Traffic”) and has evolved into a full-fledged production shingle. In addition to its extensive resources of creative, financial, and production know-how, it also offers a wide-ranging network of important subsidy institutions as well as the requisite producing and media partners in Germany, Europe, Canada, and the US.  

Our core business consists of developing and executing exceptional properties with major directors and talent, offering high production value. References include critical and audience successes like “I Spy”, “Mortal Friends”, “Der Tourist”, “Silent Night”, “Klimt”, “Swabian Children”, “Margarete Steiff”, and “The Bible Code“,  (Bambi Award, International Emmy Nomination, FFF Award, Romy Award, top rated program nationally and internationally).  Eclypse’s 2010 pipeline includes two theatrical films, and one TV-Movie.


Arno Ortmair

CEO & Manager Arno Ortmair has years of experience as a Production Manager and Producer of American and European feature and television movies for Columbia Pictures, Paramount Studios, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Productions, Hollywood Pictures, etc.

Arno Ortmair has produced successful and award-winning films such as:
"Taboo - The Soul Is A Stranger On Earth" (Lars Eidinger, Peri Baumeister), "The Bible Code" (Cosma Shiva Hagen, Olivier Sitruk), "The Return of I Spy" (Bill Cosby), "The Tourist" (Leslie Malton, Christopher Waltz), "Holy Night, Silent Night" (Tobias Moretti), "Troopers" (Tobias Moretti, Heino Ferch), "Eva Blond" (Corinna Harfouch, Erdal Yildiz) and "Swabian Children" (Tobias Moretti, Vadim Glowna, Jürgen Tarrach), amongst others.